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Library Hours

The Library remains open for seven hours including lunch time on all working days. During the vacations the library remains open for five hours. The issue counter opens after one hour of the first period and closes half an hour before last lecture. The library remains closed on Sunday and other public holidays.

Course Manual

The library keeps course manuals for all courses conducted by IP University course manual consists of syllabus of the particular semester, lesson plans, assignments, question papers case studies etc that provides guidelines to the users related to the course

Question Bank

The library provides last year’s question papers for both university examination and internal examination for reference and photocopying purpose to the students. It helps them to prepare better for examination.. A set of model question papers is also available in the library.

Computer Lab

The computer lab is setup to help students learn things practically. Students are allowed to practice anytime when they are free.

Software Using

All Systems are loaded to run following Software: - Windows XP professional Service pack 2, Office 2003, Win Zip, Acrobat Reader, Photoshop CS2 (Educational), Coral Draw12 (Educational), PageMaker 7.0, Autocad2003.

Geography Lab

The geography lab is setup to help students learn things practically.